10.5MW gas-fired hot water boiler for heating industry

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It boiler was energy efficient, it also had automatic intelligent control and safety detection device to ensure the stable and safe operation of the boiler, which had been favored by the boiler operator and saved a lot of operation and maintenance costs for our company. In addition, we had to mention the one-stop service of it, which solved all of our worries.

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10.5MW gas-fired hot water boiler for heating industry

Veolia (Harbin) Thermal Power Co., Ltd. was established in 2003 and is a Sino-foreign joint venture controlled by Veolia Group. The company's main business is to supply heat to the southwestern part of Harbin. The current heating area is about 19 million square meters, which ranks the top three in Harbin. In order to ensure the heating effect, Veolia Thermal Power decided to introduce the fully automatic gas-fired hot water boilers featuring environmental protection, ensuring that the boilers meet the needs of centralized heating as well as the flue gas meets the standard discharge.

With its leading technical advantages and excellent product quality, It successfully become the boiler supplier of Veolia Thermal Power Seattle Waterfront Project. It customized a complete boiler system including multiple sets of WNS series gas-fired hot water boilers. This series of gas-fired boilers adopts full corrugated furnace to increases the strength and elasticity of the furnace and enhances the disturbance of the flue gas, effectively improving the heat transfer effect. The threaded fire tubes can effectively absorb the flame energy, and the heat transfer coefficient is 1.2 times higher than that of the ordinary tube. At the same time, the finned tube condenser added at the end of the flue can increase the boiler thermal efficiency to over 98% while reducing the exhaust gas temperature. According to the energy efficiency test of the heat test center of the special inspection institute, the performance indexes of the WNS series gas-fired boilers are higher than the design requirements and have reached the advanced level at home and abroad.

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